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The Battle for Stalingrad

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01.08.2007 02:49, Brian McDonnell from New York E-mail :

I am working on a documentary about the Ostfront of the Second World War and am trying to find German veterans whom I can interview. Is there some group I can contact?


13.06.2007 11:43, chris sipos E-mail :
I have lived and worked in Russia for over 10 years. I am married to a Russian and I am fortunate to have been to 'STALINGRAD and met with some Russian soldiers of that battle. I now wish to meet with any 6th Army soldiers as I feel their story is the greater and the efforts they made to win an impossible battle regardless of numbers, supplies and weather, is truly something that should never be forgotton. I am not talking about the fanatical NAZI's but about the average soldier who was just following orders.

01.05.2007 14:57, Mike Jones from United Kingdom E-mail :
Dear Hans,
Thanks for all the great work you are doing with German veterans. I have really enjoyed reading your material. I have just brought out a book looking at the Soviet side, and using the testimony of many veterans of the 62nd Army who defended the city: Stalingrad - How the Red Army Triumphed (Pen and Sword Military, 2007).
Best wishes, Michael K Jones.

30.04.2007 00:37, Charles E. Barry from Meadville, PA USA E-mail :
Hans, I hope you make the top 100. I am looking forward to reading future books that you will publish. It's a great web page, very informative.

10.04.2007 02:36, miguel from mexico E-mail :
More information about the german prisioners and his return home, please


Yes, this is a chapter we are working on. Thanks.
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Entries: 15
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