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The Battle for Stalingrad

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11.03.2009 03:58, paul from united states E-mail :
sir, i am an advid writer and am seriously thinking about writing a book concerning this enormous battle, however, i think i should concentrate on something small but significant first...something like the fighting that occurred around and in pavlov's which is hard to find say the least...can you help or better yet would you be willing to go in partners to write this book as you are in europe and have everything that i do not but i know i have talent and patients...please reply if you are interested to attention: Paul at Thanking you in advance.

02.05.2008 23:24, natham wright from australia E-mail :
what you have done and are doing is fantastic i think.its a pity that so much has been lost to time and now history . please keep up your work and tell these men's story so that others can really see what happened . I'm one who does not subscribe to sanitized versions of histories book on what happened . hope you are able to tell it as it was . looking forward to your finished work .

06.04.2008 03:21, Vitaliy from USA :
What a great site! Thank you for telling the other side of the story.

My grandfather fought on the Soviet side and survived the battle of Stalingrad when he was not even 20. Unfortunately, he passed away before I could write his stories down and now I browse the Internet in hopes to get as much information from real participants of the battle as it is possible. Do you have more picture of Stalingrad?

Thank you for all the hard work!

29.02.2008 13:22, me from american E-mail :
hi im working on a history project on stalingrad anything interesting i should know?

06.01.2008 06:35, Sweta-Zinok from Sweta-Zinok E-mail Homepage :
Hi. Sorry for my english. Happy New Year!!!!!
Good Luck!

03.01.2008 04:07, Hein Bräutigam E-mail Homepage :
I always find history very interesting, without the propaganda. I live in Canada since 1952 I was 8 yrs old when the battle at Stalingrad took place. My older brother Christoph Bräutigam and two of my cousins where fighting in Stalingrad. Both my Cousins died there, brother Christoph was in artillery with horses. in the 6th army. He received what he always called "a lucky shot "in his leg, which made it possible for him to be flown out with one of the last German airplanes to land there. Christoph was given a few days leave to visit with us at Auw Eifel (battle of the bulge) and than went Back to the Russian front. We never heard from him again until his release from Russian labour camps in October 1949.
Christoph joined us in Canada in 1953 and retired to Maui Hawaii in 1975 where he passed away in 2006. Chistoph spoke to me often about Stalingrad and labour camps. The battle of the bulge, which of course I experience in my own home town as a 10 year old child.
Henry Bräutigam

12.12.2007 23:02, Kai Liedtke from Deutschland E-mail :
Hallo Herr Wijers,

ich suche Informationen über die Aktivitäten des 371 Artillerieregimentes, dessen Angehöriger mein Großvater Friedrich Liedtke war, vermisst seit Dez. 1942 in Stalingrad. Er war Angehöriger der Stabsbatterie.

Können Sie mir weiterhelfen?

Viele Grüße

Kai Liedtke

10.12.2007 11:03, illevyevilt from illevyevilt E-mail Homepage :
I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!

03.12.2007 01:56, Thomas E-mail :
My Opa Erich Reimer was the division physician of the 295th Infanterie Division. I would be happy for any information.

03.12.2007 00:00, Gudrun Aderhold E-mail :
I am trying to find out anything about Grenadier Adolf Bentel from Renningen/Baden Wuerttemberg. For instance, what unit he was in, who knew him or of him, any info is appreciated. This is my grandfather who I have never met. My family would like info

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Entries: 15
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